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Regional Research Grant on Clinical Model


This RFP, with supporting documents and cover page presents the competitive Regional Research Grant Sponsored by The Patton College of Education and our Southeast Ohio Teacher Development Collaborative partners (SEOTDC).

Informational Documents

The Clinical Model

Clinical Model of Preparation

The re-imagined clinical model of teacher preparation describes a developmental sequence of clinical experiences that moves from simpler to more complex teaching skills, from working with fewer to larger numbers of P-12 students, and from requiring less to more planning and decision making (Henning, Erb, Webb, Fults, & Randles, 2013). The new structure of the model is centered to: 1) correct the concerns of the former less sufficient educational model, changes highlight a focus on deriving theory from practice rather than applying theory to practice, 2) significant support for teacher mentors, 3) collegial collaboration as opposed to the passive antagonism between colleges and schools, and 4) place emphasis on the leadership of teachers and educators. Candidates now enter the classroom setting under mentorship of more experienced colleagues as opposed to short-term student teaching assignments that lack the guidance of a cooperating teacher.(click here to view the Clinical Model of Preparation)


Reimagined Teacher Preparation Videos

Trailer Version (4:24)

Full Documentary(14:24)

Clinical Model Videos

Clinical Model: CARE Program (Trailer Version)

Clinical Model: CARE Program (Full Documentary)

Developmental Curriculum for Clinical Experiences in Teacher Education

Curriculum Development for Clinical Experiences (Full Documentary)

Curriculum Development for Clinical Experiences (Trailer Version)

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Professional Internship Evaluation Instrument

Mentor Style Inventory